Licznik AMIPlus w Tauron i problemy z aktywacją HAN (2024)

Set it to very verbose. And show us the logs.

I am going to scan the band of interest to check if there is any RF present from the AMIplus meter and if there is anything - I will gather the most verbose log from wmbusmeters when able and share.


Unfortunately, SDR Console v3.3 does not show any activity in the spectrum around 868.6 (± 1.024) MHz that could be coming from this AMIplus meter. There are plenty short bursts from water meters (almost sure those are izar) and periodical keep-alive bursts from the PIR motion sensors. Conclusion: TAUron failed to activate the mBUS interface in the meter. So sad!

I reported the situation to TAUron- hope they will send the servicemen to take care of it on-site. Will report here when something new happens.

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That’s exactly what I wanted to suggest. They are more aware of the situation with the meters than any other operator. And from your screenshot, they already tried to resolve the situation. So there must be a will as well to solve it.

There has been such a will, as it just turns out. They were here two days ago, but did not have any contact info directly to me, so I was not aware of the fact. It was just pure luck this time (a neighbour called me when the technicians were about to leave) and I let them in. I spoke with them while the firmware was updated through the optical port and learned the activation of HAN in the service mode via PLC is frequently unsuccessful (as was in my case) and they keep running around with a laptop to fix things on-site. I wonder if these latest meters had been properly tested before they rolled them out in the field.
They said it may take up to 48 hours for this thing to reconfigure / reinitialize, get registered by the central system and start sending datagrams on its mBUS interface. Will keep you posted as soon as I get it working.

yeah… 72 hours later and… no change. Nothing new. I doubt anything will change, so waiting until Monday and then will request another visit to fix the issue for good. A friend of mine who knows more about TAURON says this whole FUBAR situation might prove hopeless. We’ll wait and see.
107.5 hours later - same. This is hopeless. I contacted the technician and invited them over for another round of in-house firmware flashing. Will see how that goes.

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Trust me, that is not.

When you receive an answer like this from ENEA, that is hopeless!

True - this looks more like
no, not available - maybe one day.
At least you know you’re not gonna get it. Here - what a pain it is. The told they will let the central operators know and - once the technicians are given a work order - they shall contact me and make an appointment. We’ll see if this is going to be any time soon.

This sound like what ENEA wrote a long time ago when refused a smart meter installation on the basis that they do not give access to the end users. Guess what, never have been contacted. The person who changed the meter has not even rang the bell, my wife just noticed that the power went off in the house. No communication at all. Could not answer any questions about the meter, etc.

Well… These guys here are quite friendly and do answer questions. But if there is anything at a system level they are capable of debugging - not sure. Remains to be seen. Will keep you posted. Also, I am fortunate to have the meter inside the house, so they can’t touch it unless I let them in first. They must call me before they can get access to it.
By the way: the PLC level jumps a lot - sometimes 1 and other times 3 bars.